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PDS has access to  collection sites nationwide.  Here are just a few representative listings for the following areas: St. Louis, MO; San Francisco, CA; Nashville, TN; Boston, MA: Los Angeles, CA; San Antonio, TX; ColoradoPhiladelphia, PA. Locations are available  all over the United States. Locations are constantly being added/changed. 

Here is the way it works:

  1. PDS will review an employer's needs, and utilize an appropriate   laboratory system with its collection sites for that employer.   Employers may use an on-line database to determine the exact locations of collection sites that are convenient for them all over the USA.  PDS can also  provide a written  list of all the collection sites that are in that employer's geographic  area.   An applicant can go to any collection site on the employer's list. However, it is critical to note that there are a number of medical offices or third party labs that can do collection, but hey charge an additional fee.  Third party labs are NOT included in the standard price. Use of a third-party lab will result in the lab charging a separate fee.  It is very important to Always call a lab before going to confirm horus of operation and to confirm that there are no extra fees involved. 
  2. If there is not a convenient  collection site in the list provided, simply call or e-mail PDS customer service, and we will assist in arranging a lab for you ASAP.  It is just that easy.  (Note-the most convenient lab in some cases can be a third party lab where the lab charges an additional fee.)

If you are an employer, human resources or security professional  considering using our services, and  would like more detailed information concerning the exact locations of collection sites all over the united States, please contact us.   WE will provide you with access over the Internet to on-line databases that list collection  sites by city and state, or zip codes, including street addresses, phone numbers, times and directions or maps. 

Please contact us by e-mail for more information


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