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PDS acts as a third party administrator for pre-employment drug tests for employers only.  PDS has one mission and  one mission only--to make it feasible  and easy for small to medium employers to conduct  pre-employment drug testing.  For that reason, PDS does not get involved with a myriad of other  services that most small to medium employers do not need.  We use the Internet and database technologies to offer pre-employment drug testing at a reasonable price for employers who want a simple and quick "yes or no," before they hire.  

Because of its volume, PDS can offer employers the following pricing: PDS charges $48.00 per test, which includes the following services: (NOTE: If a collection site outside of the PDS approved system is used, then the cost of the collection is added.  However, it is unusual that an outside collection site will be needed -- See * Special Note below):

  1. Provide chain of custody forms that  an applicant  can take to a collection site. 
  2. Provide collection  sites all over the United States.   PDS will select the best provider of  services with collection sites most convenient for an employer's applicants. 
  3. Arrange to have certified and nationally recognized laboratories perform state of the art analysis.
  4. Collect results from the  laboratory performing the test.
  5. Ten (10) panel test for optimal protection, including testing of the five "street drugs," most commonly tested, consisting of Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, PCP, Opiates (such as codeine and morphine) and Amphetamines (including methamphetamine).
  6. Testing for adulterants--a necessary service to ensure quality control and the integrity of the results.
  7. Make the results available by a variety of means, including e-mail, web-based, fax (to a confidential  fax only), or telephone  (provided  a message  can be left on a confidential  phone). 
  8. In the event of a positive  or abnormal  test, provide  the services of a  Medical Review Officer (MRO) which is included in the price.
  9. In the  event of a positive or abnormal test, PDS is   available to consult with the employer on   steps to take.
  10. Provide  a consolidated  billing at the end of each month.  

* Special note about collection prices:
Price includes collection at a regular Quest colection site.   In order to make more locations available to employers, Quest has also contracted with some third party locations that are called " Quest Preferred Third Party." PDS has have received notice from Quest Diagnostic of a price increase when employers utilize these special collection sites.  As a result, any time a PDS drug testing client looks up a drug testing lab and sees the words "Quest Preferred Third Party," please be aware that a  surcharge will be added to the bill to reflect the increased cost. Because there can sometimes be delays in PDS being notified that a third-party collection site was used, there can be times when the extra fees for use of a Quest Preferred Third Party is billed later. To determine if you are utilizing a regular Quest collation site or a "Quest Preferred Third Party," go to the Quest site to look up locations using the tool at: http://www.questdiagnostics.com/hcp/psc/jsp/hcp_psc_index.jsp  If you see the words, "Quest Preferred Third Party," then the extra fee applies.In addition, there are times that an PDS drug testing client will need a location that is not in he Quest system. PDS will work to find a hospital, medical office or some other site that can accommodate these special testing needs. However, there will be an additional surcharge called an, " Extended Network Collection Fee." Because the Extended Network Collation fees are completely outside of the normal PDS system, there is no way to list the fees in advance. This fee may also be billed after the test. If there is a question about such special fees, contact your PDS drug testing representative.

Please note:  PDS does not administer testing regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT).  PDS would be pleased to refer to a firm that provide this specialized service.  In addition, the testing is not intended for employers who need post-accident testing, random testing or individualized suspicion type testing.  This service is intended primarily for employers that need a basic pre-employment drug test before a hire is made. 

For pre-employment screening background checking services see Employment Screening Resources at www.ESRcheck.com


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